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Aklımdan geçenleri Turan’la İsvan’ın söyleyivermesine, uyumsuzluğumuzun uyumu gözüyle bakmıştım ilk günlerde. Zamanla uzaklaştım bu düşünceden, çünkü biliyordum ki, öğrenciler şimdilik ne denli dağınık yaşarlarsa yaşasınlar, bütün bunlara, gelecekte kavuşmayı umdukları bir uyum uğruna katlanıyorlardı. Banka müfettişliği, müsteşarlık, doktorluk, mühendislik ya da öğretim üyeliği gibi meslekî etiketlerin …

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I don't want to believe

When people use the word ‘science’ they normally mean the process of tying concepts together into theories and testing them against ‘experience’. This process (which developed during stage 3) was founded on a prior stage in human development when man began (some time during stage 1) to experience reality primarily …

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When I read Physics, the early stages of the universe, I desire to believe that there was somebody knowing all these facts. An observer, maybe, even not a creator. I need this because I want to believe that ultimately these are knowable facts and we are not that lost.

It …

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A beast of the West and petroleum: Wahhabism

When you look at Muslim history, you can see a trend for modernization in 19th century. Ottomans were changing their attitude to religion and modern world, other places were also following the trend.

In 20th century, however, came a backlash and a return to primary sources movement. This was mostly …

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Quotes from "Concrete" of Thomas Bernhard

These are my highlights from the book. I read this in March-April 2016. In general I like the book and feel connection with the protagonist. I updated my index page with one of these as of May 2017. -- E.

We must be alone and free from all human contact if …

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Quotes from the "March Violets"

Although it's a work of fiction, telling a private detective during pre-war Nazi era, some of the sentences deserved attention.

You always eliminate the obvious. That’s fundamental to detection. (p. 133)

‘It’s just typical of the bloody Nazis,’ said Inge, ‘to build the People’s roads before the …

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Payoff: The Hidden Logic That Shapes our Motivations

Following are my quotes from the book.

– E.

In the “acknowledged” condition, participants stopped when the pay rate fell to around 15 cents—indicating that doing more was not worth their time. In contrast, participants in the “shredded” condition stopped working far earlier, at about 29 cents. These results show …

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Business Sutra: A Very Indian Approach to Management

These are my quotations from Devdutt Pattanik's Business Sutra: A Very Indian Approach to Management which I have read in March 2016.

In fact, there are cultures, like India, where this goal-orientation is seen as a problem, not a solution. (p. 7)

Despite the veneer of objectivity and logic, management …

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Will I crank more?

In February, I was in depression. The project I'm involved wasn't moving and I was having marital problems and some health problems on top of it. In that period I stumbled upon Inbox Zero Merlin Mann's essay titled Cranking.

It resonated deeply. Firstly I'm one of those who lost their …

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Looking Inward

Looking inward what do you see?

I don't see much, it's the same darkness. I can't see anything that I can't see outside as well. All my inner reflections seem to be based on my outer experience.

That shouldn't be right, you have to find some guidance in your inner …

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