While reading Pilot Wave theory from slides I thought a solution to wave/particle duality.

This is a philosophical view, so I will strip off the physical part: It's actually a modified version of Many Worlds Hypothesis. In MWH we cannot explain the connection between everyday physics and QM. When we have (possible infinite) number of worlds where particles position themselves, some (or most) of these worlds should have some non-natural phenomena like 500-year old people. We can't see such miracles around, so there must be something that kills some of these worlds.

The solutions seems to me that there is some filtering mechanism that kills most of these worlds. We cannot be sure that there are Many Worlds, as we belong only one of them and we can't take one world step back and see how these Many Worlds exist. But there may be a not-yet-discovered viable pattern of particles and the rest of the worlds may died instantly.

As an example suppose this: We have 10 particles each having 10 attributes, each an integer. At each step, these 10 attributes change randomly. They may increase or decrease by 10. Also from their nature, we cannot know all 10 of these numbers. We can measure one of them but we cannot know the rest exactly.

At each time step, we know that these numbers change. For each change, a different set of particles are thought to be created. At each time step, each of the 10 attributes of 10 particles are changed randomly and when the sum of these 100 attributes are divisible by 1000, that set of particles are kept and if not thrown away.

Hence I believe there is a sum of them are divisible by 1000 like rule to filter out the non-natural. We may still have Many Worlds but these worlds would all behave like ours.