Sometimes the world forgets you, sometimes you forget the world.

The latter happens to me more frequently, because the premise of the first is never complete. The world seems not to forget me, it didn't learn in the first place.

Did I felt a shock when I learned the body that controls Internet communications turned off Wikipedia? Turkish government is the master of shooting their leg and showing this off when it comes to communication. Hah, an epic act that caused even the Deaf Sultan of Egypt to hear the words about Turkish/ISIS relationship. If this blind bureaucrats had rent billboards over all Europe to advertise this sentence, I doubt it would be more effective.

Sometimes I would like to think that there are hidden causes, hidden agendas behind such actions. The government is acting so foolishly that it becomes difficult to believe it. But in this case, no, I really can't find a good reason to turn this around.

The optimistic side in this story is this: When people are afraid of a Sauron-like Erdoğan, they forget how incompetent his allies and bureaucracy are. Not that they want to limit personal freedoms to an ancient level but they don't have means and capacity for this. You cannot dress a Hitler to Erdoğan's body, not enough equipment for it.