Are all lies equal?

Once you see that the language is not capable to carry the weight of the truth, it's meaningless to depend on the language for more than daily activities. The higher kind of communication is usually becomes a tribal dance: We tell the stories that our tribe wants to hear with the words we have devised for this very purpose. Also known as social science.

However all lies are not equal. There are coherent lies, incoherent lies, lies that lead to action, lies that lead to inaction, lies that lead to truth, lies that lead to more lies.

Even if I don't believe that language is capable to produce a properly true sentence I can look for better lies. A coherent lie is better than an incoherent one and a lie that leads to good action is better than good inaction which is better than bad action.

Hence we create levels of lies. It doesn't matter whether a model of the world or a tribal custom leads to truth. It matters only whether this model is beneficial for our metaphysics.