What are the differences of ideology and religion?

One provides a richer metaphysics and the other has to deal with more mundane issues, maybe?

The reason for such a distinction is not their goals, one is using metaphysics to deal with daily issues, the other uses daily issues to deal with metaphysics. It's an attitude difference that don't make a difference as a result.

Both needs to deal with meaning problem. Why are we here? Both have to deal with ethics. What's the best way to live?

In ideologies, a bottom up approach is followed in general. It begins with the basics of human needs, how to meet them, how to make people happy. But at the end it should provide a meaning to be effective. That meaning is proleteriat or nation or something beyond self.

In religion we begin with a higher purpose first and have to bend it to meet the human needs.

In both, we have a large gap, maybe a gap impossible to fill, between daily life and meaning. Do we have to connect both? Probably yes. Because otherwise people would not look for it.

Therefore we have to update both at the same time. When you need to update the daily life, have reformed way of living, then you have to update your metaphysics. Our metaphysics does not conform to our daily life today.

Some people may desire to conform their daily life to metaphysics. Radicalism stems from this view. However no radical can be enough radical to change the course of time. It's cherry-picking at the end, you try to conform some aspects of your ideology and let the other parts go away.