What do you want? What's your ultimate desire? What are your expectations?

I saw a tweet saying the lost Malaysian airplane was abducted by aliens or that kind of beings. Three orbs. Supposedly they opened a portal and move the plane there.

Are they looking for the engineering capabilities of this primitive world? Are they after organic beings? Were they trying the alter the timeline of this universe -- by abducting a child who would solve space travel?

Everything could be fiction, though. Unless you see the aliens with your very eyes, you have right to deny. You can deny even if you have eyes as well. You don't have to believe in your eyes if they are in conflict with your beliefs.

What do you believe, then. I ask myself. What is your idea about these supernatural events?

I believe at the ultimate sense that we live in a simulation. That simulation may have rules -- laws that we call Physics -- but also there may be exceptions that we those that live in that simulation is not yet aware. For this belief, nothing changes, everything could happen and this doesn't shake my belief in the simulation.

However, it's disturbing. That belief is generic, fits for every purpose but also not very practical. I want to get a sense -- a logical and scientific sense of this world and a belief in simulation doesn't help. It's more like a religious belief. That doesn't tell much.