🔵 Meaning has two modes of production. One is the immediate mode, there is no rational thought behind it. In this mode a symbol resolves to senses immediately. When you smell a chocolate, you remember your childhood. When you see the picture of a blue sky, you immediately feel the clouds and weather. The other is the replacement mode that makes rational meaning production. This second type is actually a symbol production: Producing more symbols to replace a symbol. You discuss a word's meaning and replace it with other words.

🔴 This resembles Kahneman's fast and slow mode thinking.

🔵 Sure. These two modes correspond to distinct thinking processes and the faculty of interpretation correspond to two distinct modes as well. There is no single method of interpretation behind these two modes of thinking. We must investigate these two separately.

🔴 However, ultimately there must be a correct way of interpretation, right? Which of these two modes of interpretation are closer to truth?

🔵 I think immediate mode, that interprets symbols into sense data are closer to truth and eventually all symbols should strike a chord in human sensual faculties to be meaningful. We can discuss the meaning of God ad infinitum, but unless we feel God, the discussion will be just symbol replacement and once we feel God, there won't be any need for discussion.