More Moral

/In general, given a choice of two courses to follow and all other
things being equal, that choice which is more Dynamic, that is, at a
higher level of evolution, is more moral./ (p. 183)


/Whenever you kill a human being, you are killing a source of thought
too./ (p. 185)


/Source of thought/ is a made up idea, so called *static pattern.* It's
a bogus foundation against capital punishment.


/Jüri yargısı ve Hakim./ Önemsiz davaları dikkate almaz ve önemli
davalarda adaletten başka yönlere bakabilir. Tek kişinin adaleti uygun
bir adalet değildir.


İdam cezası kavramı olmalı, ancak kararı tek bir kişinin veya meclisin
elinde değil, tüm toplumun elinde olmalı. Eğer can almak için referandum
yapmayacaksan, başka ne için yapacaksın?


/Everybody thinks those Victorian moral codes are stupid and evil, or
old-fashioned at least, except maybe a religious few religious
fundamentalists and ultra-right-wingers and ignorant uneducated people
like that./ These remind me of more than a single verse of Qur'an.


/What holds a person together is his patterns of likes and dislikes.
[...] what holds together a society together is a pattern of likes and