Farmer & Giant

/When he was young Phaedrus used to think about cows and pigs and
chickens and how they never knew that the nice farmer who provided food
and shelter was doing so only so that he could sell them to be killed
and eaten. [...]/

/He also used to wonder if there was a higher farmer that did the same
thing to people, a different kind of organism that they saw every day
and thought of as beneficial, providing food and shelter and protection
from enemies, but an organism that secretly was raising these people for
its own sustenance [...]/ (p. 248)

/A metaphysics of substance makes us to think that all evolution stop
with the highest evolved substance, the physical body of man. It makes
us to think that cities and societies and thought structures are all
subordinate creations of this physical body of man. [...] If you follow
that fallacy long enough you come out with the conclusion that
individual electrons contain the intelligence needed to build New York
City all by themselves.[...]/ (p. 249)

/If it's possible to imagine two red blood cells sitting side by side
asking, "Will there ever be a higher form of evolution than us?" and
looking around and seeing nothing, deciding there isn't, then you can
image the ridiculousness of two people walking down a street of
Manhattan asking if there will ever be any form of evolution higher than
"man," meaning biological man./ (p. 250)


/"The pencil is mightier than the pen."/ (p. 255)


/How do tell the saviors from the degenerates? Particularly when they
look alike, talk alike and break all the rules alike?/ (p. 256)


Yazacak şeylere sahip olmanın yazma faaliyetiyle çelişmesi. Yazı
*Dinamik Keyfiyet* ile mümkün, ancak bunun kağıda dökülmesi ancak
*statik keyfiyet* ile oluyor. (Keyfiyet = Quality)