/This last, the Dynamic-static code, says what's good in life isn't
defined by society or intellect or biology. What's good is freedom from
domination by any static pattern, but that freedom doesn't have to be
obtained by the destruction of the patterns themselves./


/There are no chains more vicious than the chains of biological
necessity into which every child is born. Society exists primarily to
free people from these biological chains. It has done that job so
stunningly well intellectuals forget the fact and turn upon society with
a shameful ingratitude for what society has done./ (p. 353)


/One reason why fundamentalist Moslem countries have become so fanatic
in their hatred of the West is that it has release the biological forces
of evil that Islam has fought for centuries to control./ (p. 353)


/The 1920s intellectuals strove to break down the old social codes, but
they had these codes built into them from childhood and so were
unaffected by the breakdown they produced. But their descendants, raised
without the codes, have suffered./ (p. 354)